12800DPI Free Weight Macro RGB Gaming Mouse 12 Programmable Keys Game Mouse RGB Light Max to 6 levels For pc mac gun PUBG Laptop


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Brand Name: MKESPN


Origin: Mainland China

Hand Orientation: Right

Package: Yes

Number of Buttons: 12

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Number of Rollers: 1 pcs

Gross Weight: 180g

Operation Mode: Opto-electronic

DPI: MAX TO 12800

Download Software:


13 kinds RGB backlight

Equipped with 13 knids of RGB cool lighting effects of about 16.8 million colors. Between the illuminating of light

and shadow, the trend becomes extraordinary.

Professional Gaming Driven

Multiple macro programming keys, individual setting functions according to personal habits. Lighting the report rate and

adjusting the DPI value as you wish.

Download Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhwtxzxsvtdSbb_SaLW16yCSxzo


Ergonomic design, the streamline curve fits the player's fingers better, Skin-like feel, comfortable grip, quicker operation.


In order to adapt players with different hand feel, 5g-10g-15g counterweight irons are equipped. Give it a better feel

and stability by customizing the weight.

How To Macro

1.Click Macro

2.Build New Group

3. Build New macro

3. Define new name

4. Click the record button.

5. Type the keys you want to program. When finishing, please type Stop.


    There are 2 ways to upload the macro, Macro and Convert K1.

    If you choose Macro, you only need type Programmed key on mouse. It will show the programmed information.

  Take an example, We take "hello" macro to key 6. If you press key 6,it will show "hello".

    Convert K1 like a switch. If you choose it, you type Programmed key on mouse,liking open switch, and than you press left button. It will show the programmed information. Finally, you type the Programmed key again, liking close switch. You press left button, there is no information out. It likes a switch. When you use, you open it.

    Take an example, We take "hello" macro to key 6. If you press key 6 and than type left button. it will show "hello". If you do not press left button, it will show nothing. You press key 6 again, meaning close switch.

7. Click √ to save.



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